1st Workshop on Wearable Security and Privacy

In association with Financial Crypto 2015
January 30, 2015
InterContinental San Juan Hotel
Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

All talks will be held in Salon B at the InterContinental San Juan.

9:00Opening remarks
9:15Invited Talk:
Privacy in the Age of Pervasive Cameras: When Electronic Privacy get Physical
Apu Kapadia

Session 1: Behavioral Privacy

Users’ Privacy Concerns About Wearables: impact of form factor, sensors and type of data collected
Vivian Genaro Motti and Kelly Caine

10:30Coffee break

Session 2: Wearable Security

On Vulnerabilities of the Security Association in the IEEE 802.15.6 Standard
Mohsen Toorani
Visual Cryptography and Obfuscation: A Use-Case for Decrypting and Deobfuscating Information using Augmented Reality
Patrik Lantz, Bjorn Johansson, Martin Hell, and Ben Smeets


Session 3: Privacy and Security for Google Glass

Ok Glass, Leave me Alone: Towards a Systematization of Privacy Enhancing Technologies for Wearable Computing
Katharina Krombholz, Adrian Dabrowski, Matthew Smith, and Edgar Weippl
Design and Analysis of Shoulder Surfing Resistant PIN based Authentication Mechanisms on Google Glass
Dhruv Kumar Yadav, Beatrice Ionascu, Sai Vamsi Krishna Ongole, Aditi Roy, and Nasir Memon
Glass OTP: Secure and Convenient User Authentication on Google Glass
Pan Chan, Tzipora Halevi, Nasir Memon

14:30Tea break