Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2015

19th International Conference
January 26–30, 2015
InterContinental San Juan Hotel
Puerto Rico

Rump Session

All conference participants are invited to give a short talk at the rump session. This can cover recent research results, works in progress, minor research curiosities, or historical notes; announcements of new job openings, conferences, or funding opportunities; or anything else you would like to present to the community. Attempted humor is encouraged in all talks.

Please sign up here if you would like to present and don't forget to send your presentation materials to the rump session chair by 20:00 on Tuesday.

Schedule of Speakers

Program Committee

Ian GoldbergIn Memoriam: Hal Finney
Geo-trivia (with prizes)
Hani T. DawoudSearchable encryption: both worlds
Sander SiimLaunching new public SDK for developing MPC applications
Geo-trivia (with prizes)
Andrew MillerMicrodesic - auditable offline cash
Powerpoint Karaoke
Rainer BöhmeNSPW'15 Announcement
Marie VasekJournal of Cybersecurity
Geo-trivia (with prizes)
Joseph BonneauBitcoin MOOC
Ittay EyalThe Miner's Dilemma
Powerpoint Karaoke
Andrew MillerNews from Cryptocurrency @ University of Maryland
Yvo DesmedtAnnouncements
David Fifieldobfs
Geo-trivia (with prizes)
Jason CronkIrrational exuberance and the price of Bitcoin
Jean Camp and Sven DietrichValue-Added Services
Geo-trivia (with prizes)